Turkey w Veg&Fruits


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Plain ground Turkey with bone, carrots, celery, alfalfa, apples, yams

Guaranteed Analysis

Per 100g
Crude Protein: 13.04g
Crude Fat: 8.70g
Arginine: 1.29g
Histidine: 0.55g
Isoleucine: 0.93g
Leucine: 1.44g
Lysine: 1.66g
Methionine-Cystine: 0.72g
Phenylalanine-Tyrosine: 1.43g
Threonine: 0.81g
Tryptophan: 0.21g
Valine: 0.97g
Linoleic Acid: 1.65g
Calcium: 1371.22mg
Phosphorous: 726.36mg
Potassium: 405.37mg
Sodium: 117.46mg
Magnesium: 54.08mg
Iron: 3.13mg
Copper: 0.15mg
Manganese: 0.19mg
Zinc: 2.13mg
Selenium: 22.48g
Vitamin A: 2862.50IU
Vitamin E: 0.89mg
Thiamin: 0.09mg
Riboflavin: 0.21mg
Pantothenic Acid: 0.91mg
Niacin: 4.02mg
Vitamin B6: 0.44mg
Folate: 30.68g
Vitamin B12: 0.37g
Choline: 53.30g

Feeding Guideline

Adult dogs are generally recommended to eat once a day. This allows the digestive system to fully stretch and utilize all of the glands in the digestive tract. Dogs, like wolves are designed to take on lots of food at once and then fast for a period of time.

The Following is just a guide and needs to be adjusted according age and activity level:
Lose Weight 1.5% of body weight
Maintain Weight 2.5% of body weight
Maintain Weight (High Energy) 3% of body weight
Weight Gain 3% of body weight

Feed your puppy 4 meals a day up until he is four months of age this can then be reduced to three meals a day then 2 meals from 6 months onwards. Begin by feeding 5% - 8% of his body weight per day split between the meals. This amount will increase as he grows, you will need to have him weighed regularly and continue to feed him on this method.